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    TMotions Global Pvt. Ltd is an enterprise with ventures in Technology, Education and Business Consulting. We aim to provide our customer, the added value and the competitive advantage by means of high quality services and low cost solutions.

    Our head office is in London (UK) and main development and delivery centers are in India. TMotions also has presence in USA and Australia.

    Job Description:

    • Write, maintain, and troubleshoot custom modules and Twig templates.
    • Use Composer to install and update contributed modules.
    • Build dynamic pages with Views, Panels, and Display Suite.
    • Create, modify, and debug standards-compliant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
    • Use Lando in conjunction with Docker for local application development.
    • Commit code using the Git version control system.
    • Follow development standards, governance processes, and best practices; participate in code reviews and quality control processes.
    • Maintain professional relationships with colleagues, management, and other stakeholders, and deliver high-quality customer service.

    Skills Required

    • 3-7 years of experience with PHP backend coding and Drupal site building.
    • Proficiency with object-oriented programming.
    • Proficiency with Git version control.
    • Working knowledge of CSS and JavaScript.
    • Ability to dive into code and understand how it all works without handholding.
    • Adept at multi-tasking in a fast-paced, high-profile environment.
    • Ability to evolve skill sets and quickly adopt innovative technologies.
    • Equal comfort working on a project team as well as independently.
    • Ability to assess verbal and written requirements from customers and transform them into working products.
    • Ability to follow existing configuration management and application development protocols
    • Organization and attention to detail; professional communication (written and verbal) abilities

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