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    Business intelligence is now seen as the cornerstone of innovation, efficiency and competitive advantage. With deep expertise in data science, processing and management, our teams work alongside yours to get data in order, and provide a single source or truth.

    And with our expertise in Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Google Data Studio, you can be confident you have the right data at your fingertips to make quicker and more informed decisions.

    business intelligence consulting services

    BI Consulting and Implementation

    business intelligence consulting services

    Tmotions provides BI advisory and implementation services that not only help clients solution conceptualization, architecture design and tech selection but also delivers BI solution components (a data lake, DWH, OLAP cubes, reports and dashboards).

    Power BI implementation facilitates increasing work efficiency by a significant margin especially when there is scattered, diversified, and disintegrated data sources.

    With ETL Data Integration through Advanced M, DAX, R, and Python we can take the right action, find the root cause problem and identify cost-saving opportunities with clear KPI’s, measurable’s, and optimization analysis.

    Collaborate with data and goal tracking while building a scalable business intelligence platform that is future-proof.

    Collaborate with data and goal-tracking while building a scalable business intelligence platform which is future ready

    Microsoft Power BI

    Power BI enabled services for Enterprises to build real-time dashboards and generate real-time actionable insights.

    business intelligence consulting

    Dashboarding & Visualization

    business intelligence consulting

    As data is gathered in facts and figures in raw form and from various channels, it is not ready to be consumed. Power BI helps businesses with data ingestion and optimize performance whilst data-driven decisions help identify more efficient ways of doing business.

    Developing tailored dashboard solutions which are scalable, intuitive, and support Enterprises to execute business decisions in real-time.

    Our business intelligence solution helps you to depict a story in form of immersive, interactive graphs and charts, matrix, scatter plots and heat maps.

    Together we can transform your organization to drive profitable growth.