Our approach to accessibility testing seamlessly blends the cutting-edge efficiencies of modern technology with the nuanced understanding of expert evaluation and user experience testing. We harness the best of both worlds – advanced technological solutions and in-depth expertise – to deliver unparalleled results.

These outcomes are meticulously presented through the sophisticated Level Access Platform, ensuring clarity, precision, and actionable insights. This robust combination of technology and expertise not only enhances compliance but also elevates the overall user experience, making digital accessibility both achievable and measurable.

Initiate with Automated Scanning

The journey towards impeccable web accessibility begins with an automated scan. Utilizing sophisticated algorithms, our system diligently examines code to pinpoint specific accessibility discrepancies. This initial scan generates a comprehensive ‘health score’, offering a foundational benchmark from which improvements can be methodically measured over time.

Our unique platform stands unparalleled in its ability to provide crystal-clear insights and a detailed historical overview of identified issues. It transforms raw data into meaningful, actionable intelligence, enabling a deeper understanding and more strategic approach to web accessibility enhancement.

Accessibility Services:

Automated Scanning Capabilities:

Run swift, targeted scans on individual URLs or conduct extensive tests across entire websites. Our platform offers the versatility to assess your site’s accessibility thoroughly and efficiently.

Continuous Monitoring for Accessibility:

Stay ahead of any new accessibility challenges with our proactive monitoring. This feature promptly flags new issues as they arise, allowing your team to address them swiftly and effectively.

Comprehensive Health Reports:

Benefit from detailed and actionable reports, accessible through an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard. Our reporting system turns complex data into clear insights, aiding in informed decision-making.

Detailed Remediation Recommendations:

Beyond mere identification, we provide a thorough explanation of each accessibility issue, its location, and practical, step-by-step guidance on how to resolve it, ensuring clarity in the remediation process.

Auto-Match Findings for Historical Context:

This innovative feature enhances your understanding of accessibility issues by providing a historical view, contextual information for new findings, and enhanced control over prioritization and resolution strategies.

Project and Task Management with Issue Tracking

Organize, prioritize, and track your accessibility initiatives within our platform. With seamless integration options like Jira and Azure DevOps, managing and monitoring progress becomes streamlined and efficient.

Component Testing for Broad Impact Solutions:

Increase team efficiency and enhance your user experience by simultaneously addressing multiple accessibility barriers. Our component testing ensures a cohesive approach to digital accessibility improvements.

CI/CD Integration for Early Error Detection:

Integrate our auto-scanning feature early in your development cycle. Catch and rectify errors during the build phase itself, avoiding the time-consuming and inefficient break/fix cycle traditionally encountered in software development.

Delivering Practical, Action-Oriented Results

In the realm of digital accessibility, automated scans rigorously test against WCAG success criteria, often unveiling a multitude of findings. The sheer volume of these results can seem daunting. However, the key to making tangible progress in web accessibility lies in utilizing evaluation tools that simplify the tracking of both findings and advancements.

Our innovative Auto-Match Findings feature intelligently recognizes and aligns new results with previously detected issues. It adeptly identifies recurring problems, consolidates similar findings, and provides a comprehensive historical analysis of each issue. Furthermore, this feature astutely acknowledges resolved issues, marking them as closed, and offers the capability to dismiss false positives – a common occurrence in scans. It also empowers users to efficiently categorize findings, assess their impact, and strategically prioritize remediation efforts.

Together we can transform your organization to drive profitable growth.

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