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    A guest pass management system helping fortune 500 Businesses


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    Client wanted to develop a platform through which it is able to automate and manage guest passes for events it was sponsoring.

    This need sprung from the fact that, the client was unable to manage and plan the pass distribution, allocation and confirm arrivals.

    What TMotions did?

    TMotions, started discussing with the client around a major racing event with the client technical team to understand the flow of the information and which stakeholders have what functions to perform.

    TMotions identified the gap and how such platform will be helpful.

    The desired system, allows the event sponsors to function as a guest pass management system, where the brands are able to

    categorise, distribute and record the pass distribution activity and also able to get confirmation from the guests.

    On the admin side, the system also allows for close coordination among sales force to allocate and distribute maximum passes in the shortest amount of time.

    Post guest’s confirmation, the relevant guests are shared the itinerary of that day.

    Value Delivered

    The said system is being positioned on a SAAS model, where after the first F1 event, the client plans to onboard other sports event sponsors and help them to plan their guest pass management activities.

    As more feedback from end client is received, the platform is constantly refined for better user experience and more cohesiveness in operating it.

    The solution presently caters to management and automation of guest passes for sponsors.

    In the future phases, the web based system will be complimented with mobile applications to support on the go actionability

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