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    Membership Organization Solution

    Simplify your organization’s membership management with predefined features like gated content control, database management, and complete dashboard management.

    Track the user history & send emails/offers based on the activity logs
    Gated Content based on subscription plans
    SagePay payment gateway integration
    Built in GDPR
    Graphical data representations and custom reports
    Advanced User management

    Membership Roles

    The solution enables the creation of multiple roles for members based on the subscription they choose and then automates and regulates access to content, events, and products based on the categorization. Further on the solution also supports automated renewal notifications and document uploads to support continued business operations.

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    Single Customer View

    The solution presents a Single Customer View for all the subscribers highlighting factors like content access history, current active plan, frequency of access, etc. This allows for ease of management with add on features that lets you upgrade existing membership plans for subscribers

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    Advanced Dashboards & Reports

    The Dashboard allows real-time tracking of an order placed across weekly, monthly, and annual time frame. It further provides a snapshot view of inventory in-store with the facility to generate custom reports and features for user management.

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