Success story

Digital transformation of a legacy marketplace for Polish food



The client wanted to migrate its existing platform to a modern, flexible, reliable, scalable & cost-effective multi-vendor platform. The merchant and vendors should be able to manage their product listing in various aspects meanwhile they must have different access rights.

Also, they wished to enhance the user experience, existing features, performance, improve the product quality, stand out from the competitors and provide clients with the modern, digital services they desired.

The client was facing many problems due to an inappropriate architecture of primary

platform database& the legacy-based technology i.e. ColdFusion; an old framework. So, they approached Tmotions to migrate their platform to a latest technology.

In addition to this, a long list of enhancements, stability, scalability, performance and maintenance, usability was the challenging factor. Last but not the least, delivering the project in budget constraints and timeline expectations.

What TMotions did?

TMotions suggested the NopCommerce Core, ASP.NET based as a choice of platform to rebuild a fully responsive and powerful multi – vendor marketplace.

We built a multi – channel, multi – vendore – commerce marketplace for the client. Allowing their third – party manufacturers, vendors to sell their products using this platform.

Also, we redesigned the specification attributes, denormalized the database relationships, converting some of the stored procedures to XML based transactions, and using flat tables to improve the performance significantly.

We have Integrated separate modules for product valuation, product wanted and Auctions listing.

Value Delivered

Scalability: The new platform is built to scale, allowing the client to easily add more vendors and handle increased traffic as the business grows.

Operational Efficiency: The role-based access control reduced administrative overhead, making it easier for vendors and merchants to manage their listings without compromising security.

Customer Satisfaction: The improved UI/UX led to higher customer satisfaction rates,

which in turn led to increased sales and customer retention.

Competitive Advantage: The enhanced features and modern design have given the client a significant edge over competitors in the market.

Cost-Effectiveness: By delivering the project within budget and on time, TMotions helped the client avoid additional costs, making the investment in the new platform highly cost-effective.

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