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Direct Bullion is a leading UK and international precious metals dealer, specializing in working with High-Net-Worth individuals (HNWi) Recognized as one of the world’s best precious metals companies in the HNWi sector by The Spear’s 500. Direct Bullion wanted to create an online e-commerce platform to sell Gold & Silver Items. Where he wants a smooth payment process and wants to integrate the portal with different API’s.

The payment process was fraught with complications that necessitated manual intervention, leading to inefficiencies and user dissatisfaction.

The website, built on outdated technologies, was susceptible to security vulnerabilities, lacked user-friendliness, and underperformed on mobile devices.

Inventory management was labor-intensive, requiring manual updates that were both time-consuming and prone to error.

With a business in gold and silver, the client needed a dynamic pricing model that could adjust in real-time, reflecting the volatile market with second-by-second price updates.

What TMotions did?

TMotions worked closely with the client to create an online platform that would meet their business needs.

Our initial move was to revamp the website’s accessibility, ensuring a seamless and responsive experience for both mobile and desktop users.

We tackled the client’s critical payment issues head-on by integrating Clover’s point-of-sale system, streamlining transactions to be effortless and intuitive.

To automate inventory management, we implemented the Amark API, allowing real-time tracking and seamless business operation, free from manual intervention.

For the vital need to reflect the fluctuating prices of gold and silver, we incorporated StoneXBullion’s API, ensuring that item pricing is dynamically updated every second.

Underpinning this advanced functionality, we harnessed the power of .NET, C#, and HTML for their stability and adaptability.

Microsoft Azure’s robust cloud services provided the secure and scalable infrastructure we required, while MySQL’s database system was instrumental in efficiently managing the extensive data involved.

Value Delivered

Through the strategic collaboration with TMotions, our client achieved a remarkable transformation in their business operations, leading to significant improvements in key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • After the successful launch of website, our client’s operations gained unprecedented fluidity, further enhanced by integrating with Feefo, which empowered customers to provide valuable product ratings, boosting transparency and trust.
  • The website’s multilingual capabilities now reflect the UK’s rich diversity, extending the client’s reach beyond London and inviting a broader demographic to engage.
  • Clover’s integration was a financial triumph, resulting in a 20% revenue surge due to smoother, uninterrupted transactions.
  • Implementing advanced security protocols, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches and building a stronger foundation of customer confidence in the client’s e-commerce platform.
  • Amark & StoneXBullion APIs keep the client at the forefront of real-time inventory and pricing updates, providing a competitive edge by simplifying operations for the client and offering precise accuracy for customers.

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