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How a Physical Liquor Store Chain Revolutionized the Online Alcohol Industry



Alchub is a leading retail chain of liquor stores with a strong presence in several cities in the US.

They specialize in selling alcoholic beverages, including wine, beer, and spirits.

With the growing demand for online shopping, Alchub aimed to expand its business by creating an online platform for its customers.

The client was looking for a way to make it easy for customers to search for and purchase products online, as well as provide hyperlocal delivery options.

One of the primary challenges that Alchub faced was creating a seamless online experience for its customers.

They wanted to offer an online platform that would allow customers to easily search for and purchase their favorite alcoholic beverages.

Additionally, they wanted to offer hyperlocal delivery options to provide customers with the convenience of having their orders delivered to their doorstep.

Another challenge that the client faced was competition from other online alcohol sellers. They needed to find a way to differentiate themselves from the competition and create a unique selling proposition.

What TMotions did?

TMotions worked closely with the client to create an online platform that would meet their business needs.

We developed a web and mobile application that provided customers with a user-friendly interface to search for and purchase products.

We also integrated a hyperlocal search function that allowed customers to find products available in their area.

To help the client differentiate itself from the competition, we created a loyalty program that proposition.

In addition to developing the web and mobile applications,

TMotions also integrated Alchub’s online platform with Salesforce CRM and Azure Cloud.

This integration allowed Alchub to manage their customer data more efficiently and effectively. With Salesforce CRM, Alchub was able to track customer interactions, analyze customer data, and develop targeted marketing campaigns.

The integration allowed Alchub to gain a better understanding of their customers’ buying behavior, enabling them to personalize their marketing efforts and offer customized promotions and rewards through the loyalty program.

Value Delivered

With the help of TMotions, Alchub was able to create a user-friendly online platform that met the needs of its customers.

The hyperlocal search function allowed customers to find products available in their area, and the loyalty program incentivized customers to continue shopping with Alchub.

The online platform also allowed the client to expand its business and reach customers who may not have visited their physical stores.

With the addition of packaged snacks and food, Alchub was able to offer a unique selling proposition that differentiated them from the competition.

Overall, TMotions helped Alchub create a successful online platform that met the needs of its customers and helped the business expand its reach.

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