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    Haymarket Media Group is a privately held media company headquartered in London. It has publications in the consumer, business, and customer sectors, both print and online. It operates exhibitions allied to its own publications, and previously on behalf of organisations such as the BBC. The company expanded outside the UK in 1999.


    The client wanted to upgrade their platform & was looking for ongoing maintenance, testing & Quality Assurance. They reached out to TMotions for the same & also requested:

    • To rebuild & relaunch new consumer brands.
    • Built CMS platform, several Microsites in different sectors with leverage technologies.
    • Handle the Data Migration Projects.
    • To optimise the online platform to improve the User experience by integrating new features to help unlock the audience base.
    • To Enhance existing features like Date Feed using .NET Core.
    • Build a Dealership platform for Automotive Industry.


    With the advent of new technologies and growth in global competition, Haymarket was constantly facing new challenges that require some of the most advanced business processes. Added to this, is the fact that most markets were highly mature with a significant number of players with similar products and services. While the Haymarket team works on big projects, the business as usual (BAU) may have to wait longer for support, quick fixes, and small jobs. Changes, enhancements, and projects that need to be started and completed on short notice. Due to the technical tasks, they were unable to focus on their business so they wanted unparalleled support so that they can focus on core competence.


    TMotions has provided operational as well as a strategic solution to Haymarket-
    Being a mature partner, we provided an unrivaled set of solutions to Haymarket and developed everything as per their roadmap, which included-

    • Support activities – Which mainly includes non-technical support such as user creation, password reset, quick help on functionality, troubleshooting, etc.
    • Maintenance (technical)– Bug Fix, small changes in the previous system
    • Change Requests – Some enhancements in the existing functionality or adding new features to make it more user-friendly and reliable.
    • Development Project – It includes changes in functionality, new features, or changes in the platform.
    • We developed new products that gave Haymarket a competitive edge in the fast-moving business.
    • Being a highly mature development, delivery, and implementation partner, we understood the nuances of the business landscape and offered services at all levels

    Value Delivered

    TMotions always tried to deliver more than what is expected from them. Similarly, in the case of Haymarket, our team has done a tremendous job to transform their ideas into reality through the latest technology.

    • Rapid increase in number of Subscribers- TMotions team has provided a robust platform to share and manage content without any hassle which led to client engagement and eventually increases in number of subscribers each year
    • Gained Speed in Market with 70+ Brands- Haymarket is well known for its services and has trusted clients all over the world. Due to award-winning specialist content for international audiences the company has over 70 market-leading brands, connecting people and communities across print, digital, mobile, and live media, across the UK, US, Asia, India and Germany, and others
    • Increase in Revenue each year- Haymarket has grown so much in all these years which has improved the revenue with each passing year

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